What’s with TheWalrus?

This one’s easy. I was looking for interesting words that end with ‘us’ that could be purchased as cheap domain names. I picked up a few and so far have only maintained TheWalrus and TheCactus. I have no personal attachment to either one yet, but I’m sure I can retroactively drum something up if I can dedicate some time to this blog.

What’s with this blog?

Ever since – ohh… – high school, I’ve been meaning to keep an online journal of sorts, before the word ‘Blog’ was a thing. I’ve made several attempts at doing it, but I’ve always wanted to either hand-code, self-host, or otherwise have total control of the whole thing. I have a tendency to start things, work on them until they’re “good enough,” and then never really finish them up. Naturally, this has led to a lot of half-hearted starts at creating my own website which inevitably fall to the wayside once work, family, and real life take center stage. Finally, I gave in and decided to use Hugo and GitHub Pages. I’m hoping that getting past this intial hurdle will allow me to finally concentrate on the content rather thant he delivery mechanism.

On that note, my plans for this page are to log projects I’m working on (both coding and non-coding related), post general rants and thoughts, and just generaly put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard, as it were) about anything and everything that I’ve been bottling up inside for decades. This is, of course, assuming that I can dedicate my focus to something like this, which history would indicate is not looking so optimistic. Nonetheless…

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